Display YouTube videos on your Web site

Go to YouTube:

  1. Locate the video you would like to display on your site.
  2. Locate the "Embed:" section that displays the "Code"
    • Note: When a YouTube video is embedded in a Web page, at the end of the video several related video links appear. Unfortunately, these “related” video links might not be appropriate. To disable this YouTube feature, choose "Customize", and select "Don't include related videos".
  3. Select and copy (Ctrl-C) the code in the "Embed:" section.

Login to the Web Site Manager (WSM):

  1. Choose the "Menu/Content" tab
  2. Complete the "Web Page Display", "Display Dates", and "Web Page Information" sections as you normally would.
  3. In the "Web Page Content Editor" section, select the "<>" icon
  4. Type "<p>", then paste the code from YouTube, then type "</p>".
  5. Choose the "Add or Update Web Page" button.