U On The Net was established in 2000 with one goal in mind...

  • To give small businesses and organizations the opportunity to establish and maintain a professional Web presence at a reasonable price.


After working with desktop programming for several years, I was introduced to the World Wide Web (www). From doing research, to shopping online, the possibilities are endless. Appreciating the infinite potential and the vast opportunities that this amazing tool could employ, I was hooked.

I began programming for the Web in the late 90’s. I soon found that there were many small businesses and organizations that could benefit from having a Web presence. However, due to the knowledge and expertise required (not to mention the cost) to build a Web site and publish Web pages, these factors often eliminated that prospect. Realizing this, I wanted to work with small businesses and organizations and empower them with a complete Web site package, including a tool that would allow them to add and update content on their Web site through an easy to use, online Web site management tool.

With "The Site Solution" complete Web site package, let us help put

U On The Net